I'm a person really good on stalking. I can do this even with my eyes closed. But I have a problem: I'm too easily stalked, that's why I'm still learning the tricks of being a stalker! o/
Welcome to my blog, be sure that my person is not "looking after you!" =3
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I totally do not blame Burdge's gorgeous drawings for bringing back my obsession with Soul-Maka and not giving me the chance to truly forget them.


long time no Percy and Annabeth, right?:D well, crystalzelda fixed that by commissioning this gorgeous idea! It’s a scene from her The Standard Job fanfic:3

Thank you again for commissioning it and letting me upload it to tumblr!


MIWA SHIROW's precious babies


里世界 | Atatdy
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Met a new friend this wknd… #cat #marrie #white

Thanks for these last 5 years  



He’s usually a c o w a r d, but when he’s out of nicotine, he gets like that. 


Beelzebub - Oga and Kunieda


Shingeki no CHESS 
Different phases of the game require different skills. The opening requires a lot of experience with common strategic and tactical theme. The middle game involves imagination and creative risk-taking. And the endgame demands exactitude and mathematical calculation.  Inspirations [x] [x]

Beelzebub Time skip: 2 years

Source: Beelzebub Brasil

I can say they were of my best days too :c